About Anne

Anne Cowardin grew up in Virginia and completed her undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Virginia. Following her graduation she moved to suburban Washington, DC where she worked with adolescents for five years before leaving to take advantage of the opportunity to teach in international schools in Greece and then in Brussels, Belgium with travels all over the world.

White SwanAfter 5 years she entered graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, receiving her PhD in Counseling Psychology in 1992. Since then she has worked in university counseling centers at Eastern College (Pennsylvania), the University of Wyoming, the University of North Carolina (Wilmington), the University of Colorado’s Wardenburg Health Center and currently directs the Counseling Center at Naropa University in Boulder. She has divided her professional time between these positions and over twenty years of private practice with individuals, couples and groups.

Anne uses an “integrative” model of talk therapy that draws from the strengths of all of the major theories that exist to form a cohesive view of personality, motivation and methods. However, more and more of her growth as a therapist and commitment to holistic health and wellness has led her to increasingly employ body-mind methods of supporting healing and change.

It was training in hypnotherapy in 2006 that shifted her practice forever. The work possible for clients in the trance state of deep relaxation (what we know as hypnosis) speeds healing from childhood trauma in spectacular ways!
The “Let Go of what has you” Weekends and the “Personal Transformation Intensive” Programs are the results of the development of opportunities for individuals to heal their lives on the deepest levels. She also, now teaches the introductory intensive course in hypnotherapy and supervises those seeking certification.

Anne has an extensive background in the training and supervision of young psychologists and other mental health professionals. She has taught university courses in Women’s Studies, Clinical Psychology and Counselor Education. She has held faculty positions at the University of Wyoming and at the University Of Colorado Health Sciences Center Department Of Psychiatry.

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