Coaching Services

Spa still lifeIndividual Coaching

You may be most interested in maximizing the potential that you recognize you have and learning to live life “in the flow.” You have cleared any historical difficulties and want to focus on moving forward now in a powerful way! In coaching, I will act as your mentor, cheerleader, and the one who holds you accountable. Breaking through old habits into new abundant territory of living in whatever area of our life you choose is the goal of Coaching. Coaching can happen in person, but more often it occurs over the telephone. (you could have a coaching call at home in your pajamas if you wish!!) If you are ready to see the big picture of your life and mission and go after it, then coaching is for you!

Sessions are bundled in 3-month packages. This commitment provides time for you to see real change happen in your life. Meetings or calls are weekly to keep you going at a steady pace and to create breakthroughs.


  • Package 1: 30 minute weekly calls for 3 months $1000
  • Package 2: 45 minute weekly calls for 3 months $1500
  • Package 3: 60 minute weekly calls for 3 months $2000

Frequency and length can be negotiated along with your coach at the beginning and can change with your changing needs. You may begin or end coaching at any time.

Group Coaching

Relationships can be experienced “in vivo” in a group situation—what better way to learn and grow! With the support and encouragement of other group members, the potential to” take off” in your life is very real! Again, insurance reimbursement is not available. Sessions are paid by the month, in advance.

Rate: $75 per 75 minute session in a group of 4-6 people. You are making a commitment to the group as well as to yourself in group coaching…this can be very powerful!

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