Supervision & Consultation

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I offer supervision for

  • Registered psychotherapists in Colorado who are working toward licensure.
  • PhD and PsyD graduates working toward licensure
  • Licensed therapists who are looking for support and growth
  • Hypnotherapy intensive graduates working on certification

I have supervised pre-doctoral interns and post-doctoral psychologists in accredited training programs for over 15 years and currently supervise pre-masters interns at Naropa University and post masters registered therapists.

My supervision style is to bring out the best in you and help you develop your own style of therapy while sharing my 20+ years of experience in ways that foster your skill and self-confidence. While I am a generalists, my strengths are in treating anxiety, depression, trauma developmental and relational issues for adolescents and adults.

I contract individually on frequency and cost that work for you.

Call or email for more information!


Are you wondering where to go from here in your life? Are you feeling uncertain about your direction or how you want to shape your life? Are you feeling like you wouldn’t even know what to say to a coach about what you really want? I am available to do one or more consultations with you to help define direction, engage in visioning for your future and to discuss how to get started in the direction that you want to go. If you are feeling really lost, a consultation will likely help and does not involved a big time or financial commitment on your part. We will determine suggestions and recommendations after I listen actively to your concerns. In a consultation, whether you take me up on any of the suggestions or recommendations is completely up to you but you will leave with some new possibilities!

Rate: $175 for a 90 minute session.

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