Hypnotherapy Services


What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of deep relaxation that allows you to access the Limbic area of your brain. Research tells us that trauma and emotion-laden experiences are stored there—in the midbrain—rather than in the frontal cortex, which is our “thinking” brain or forebrain. Working from deeper in the brain where traumatic memories are stored allows for their process and release more effectively and quickly.

It also allows for real behavior change through identifying early conclusions and decisions you made about yourself as a result of these experiences and thus makes real change possible.

Why try hypnotherapy?

Research has shown that 6 hypnotherapy sessions are more effective than 20 sessions of a traditional “talk” modality. Chances are you will heal faster, increase your self love and self confidence and feel better!

What does hypnotherapy entail?

Hypnotherapy sessions usually run between 90 and 120 minutes. There are 4 “inductions” (or “invitations” to relax). Then regular therapy commences with you having access to the part of your brain that has recorded the trauma. The present issue has its source in the past and your mind will lead us there to heal the wounds stored there.

Is there any risk?

You are always in control during hypnotherapy. You are fully aware and more “suggestible.” We can stop at any time and bring you out of the trances state, which is simply a different brain wave than that of your waking state (more like a meditation brain wave). I have never had anyone have a negative experience.

How do I get started?

A couple of things are very important in hypnotherapy.

  1. You must want to do this and feel like you can “trust the process
  2. Our relationship is vital to your success. You must have confidence in me
  3. You must be able to relax sufficiently to move into the calmer “brainwave state”

Cost: $185 per 90-120 minute session

Hypnotherapy may not be everyone. It is always your choice!

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