Hypnotherapy Training

The Wellness Institute offers a 6-day Intensive Training in Hypnotherapy for counseling, psychology and social work students, graduates working on licensure and licensed professionals.

Post Training supervision and practice leads to certification as a Hypnotherapist. Advanced certification is available through their residential internship program in Seattle.

Neurobiological research has confirmed that the deep relaxation that elicits the trance state of hypnotherapy, alters the brain waves and allows access to parts of the brain that store traumatic memories and emotion so that they can be processed and healed. Hypnotherapy is a powerful modality for healing trauma and anxiety and helping clients increase their presence and self-awareness! What takes months, even years of talk therapy can be healed in several sessions of hypnotherapy.

The 6-day Intensive Training is taught in Boulder as the demand becomes evident. I teach the course here in Boulder.

It is held regularly in Seattle Washington at the Wellness Institute. Call if you are interested in becoming a certified hypnotherapist or check the website www.Wellness-Institute.org! I will be happy to help you get connected to the program!

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