Letting Go of What Has You Weekend

6a00e54ec9caab8833017c34db3135970b-800wiThe “Let Go of What Has You” weekend is designed to provide both information and experience with seeing your life in a new way. Having such an experience in a safe group encourages support for healing and clearing old wounds, honesty in releasing old family resentments and the formation of new friendships.

You will learn about the operation of the “Victim Triangle” in our lives, which keeps us from taking full responsibility for what we create and from creating the life we truly desire. You will also learn about the 5 types of boundaries and how to maintain them in healthy ways resulting in healthy relationships. We will work from the 4 agreements as guidance for life behavior and with guided visualization in healing family of origin relationships and negative views of ourselves—freeing ourselves from negative emotions and behaviors that were developed as children but no longer serve our greater good.

The weekend is an introduction to our Personal Transformation Intensive (PTI) Program. This is a program for those serious about moving forward in their lives and wanting to remove any obstacles to reaching their potential. However, the “Let GO…” weekend stands alone in its healing capability and there is no obligation to the PTI in choosing to attend the “Let go…” weekend.

Please email me at Anne@LifeConnected.org or call me a 720-839-4741 with any further questions. I am looking forward to your participation in the weekend

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