Personal Transformation Intensive

Lotus and LightThe Personal Transformation Intensive, developed by Diane Zimberoff and David Hartmann, founders of the Wellness Institute in Issaquah, Washington, is a community (6 to 12 people) intensive held in a retreat setting for one weekend each month for 5 months. It is designed to both jumpstart and move your healing process forward through group sharing and process, hypnotherapy and psychodrama work. Each weekend of the five once a month weekend series has a different theme (addictions, eating disorders, mind-body health, for example) that addresses issues that tend to be blocks to reaching your full potential and living with authenticity. The Personal Transformation Intensive (PTI) is for those who are really serious about clearing out old patterns that are preventing them from living the life they want and have some experience with hypnotherapy and its power to support deep healing. The PTI is held all over the country and I am excited that clients in Colorado now have the opportunity to experience the PTI. Ask me for further information. (When a PTI is scheduled notification will be here and on the calendar!).

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2/12-14; 3/18-20; 4/15-17; 5/13-15; and 6/24-26 (2016)

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