Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster

Pink orchidAre you or is anyone you know facing surgery? Does it feel like a frightening prospect? Don’t know what to do to prepare or to do what you can for the best outcome? Would you be interested in using mind-body techniques to reduce anxiety, use 23-50% less pain medication and leave the hospital sooner?

I am certified to help you or anyone you know to prepare for the best outcome using Peggy Huddleston’s “Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster” Program.

This is an amazing program. I used it myself for a recent surgery and loved it! I was surprised at how easy the surgery was, how positive and confident I felt and how quickly I recovered! I just feel passionate about sharing this with others.

PREPARE FOR SURGERY, HEAL FASTER Workshops are offered at:

  • Brigham & Women’s Hospital, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital
  • NYU Medical Center
  • DUKE University Hospital (beginning implementation)

Research has shown that those using this program go into surgery calmer, use 23-50% less pain medication and heal faster.

Here are two quick examples of studies done on this approach:

  1. Patients having total knee joint replacement at the New England Baptist Hospital who used “Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster” experienced less anxiety before surgery and left the hospital 1.3 days sooner than those in the control group.
  2. Patients having colorectal surgery at The Lahey Clinic in Massachusetts who used this program reported experiencing less anxiety before surgery and left the hospital 1.6 days soon than the control group. By the 2nd day at home, patients used 60% less pain medication and had less insomnia.

There is much more research that has been completed on this approach. Check out Peggy’s website at or call me NOW at 720-839-4741!

The cost for this simple, amazing program is $150 for a 60-90 minute session which can be completed by phone or in person. The only other cost is for her book and relaxation CD or MP3 which can be purchased at Peggy’s website: or directly from me.

What a small price to pay to make your surgery outcome the best it can be!

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