Trim Life


This program is specifically designed for people who have tried many diet programs and have discovered that they don’t work!

Trim Life is designed to uncover the underlying emotional eating issues that may have been plaguing your weight loss efforts.

Trim Life will guide you to discover the unhealthy, emotional eating patterns and to change them where they reside—in your unconscious mind.

You will learn where these emotional eating patterns are located within you and to make effective changes for your own PERSONAL WELL-BEING.

Trim Life provides you with the tools to learn to listen to your body’s messages about when you are really hungry and when you are eating for emotional reasons.

You will learn true relaxation and how to make the changes you desire in your life.

The course includes:

  • a workbook that is your to keep,
  • five classes to learn and practice tools
  • follow up sessions
  • a set of recordings for your use

Cost of this 5-week extraordinary course is only $350

Next course being offered: TBA

Please call or email for the date—watch for it on the calendar!

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